Ever since I was a very young kid I’ve been watching professional wrestling. As a kid it was a form of escapism for me and then I started watching it with my dear grandmother until she passed away. I’ve considered wrestling as a special bond between me and my grandmother so I have always continued watching professional wrestling throughout the years into adulthood. However these days it’s not so much the wrestling but the business side of things that keep me entertained these days. The business side of wrestling is pretty cutthroat and can be just as entertaining if not more than actual wrestling these days. Oh how I miss the old days of the WWE/WWF and especially ECW, those were the glory years of true wrestling.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wasting Wade Barrett

Honestly I have no idea what the WWE top brass are doing with Wade Barrett at the moment. I believe the WWE is completely wasting Wade talent, ability and natural charisma. Look I’m not that man’s biggest fan however he can wrestle, he has a good look and the man can talk on the microphone. In fact it seems almost like the man is being punished for something he is done to piss off Vince McMahon. In case you don’t know Vince McMahon is still the head honcho of the WWE regardless of what the storylines portray.

The man is tall and has a good look for wrestling even though I personally believe he lost little too much weight recently. When he was heavier he had more of an intimidating look, he now has more of a considerably slimmer appearance. Besides being tall and athletic he also has good charisma and presence on the microphone and in the ring. He was great as leader of the group nexus but now for some reason he is being used as a goofball. At the time of this post he has lost about four or five matches in a row and is being portrayed as a loser pretty much at the moment.

Like I said before I’m not a huge fan of bad news Barrett however he deserves to be used better he has the skills and the ability let him use them. Just let the man be the straight up bad ass like he was before he looks like a complete joke in the eyes of the wrestling fans. I am pretty sure if he was to be let go of the WWE for whatever reason other companies would surely sign him right away and actually use him to his full potential. He definitely will not make as much money but there is career satisfaction besides money.

Well in conclusion hopefully for the WWE and the fans this is only temporary and the company and start using Wade Barrett in a more appropriate fashion. By the way this current storyline with stolen intercontinental title belt is so stupid! You telling me those high paid writers can’t think of something better??? Sadly a couple of guys are in the same situation such as Curtis Axel but that’s a post for a other day.

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