Ever since I was a very young kid I’ve been watching professional wrestling. As a kid it was a form of escapism for me and then I started watching it with my dear grandmother until she passed away. I’ve considered wrestling as a special bond between me and my grandmother so I have always continued watching professional wrestling throughout the years into adulthood. However these days it’s not so much the wrestling but the business side of things that keep me entertained these days. The business side of wrestling is pretty cutthroat and can be just as entertaining if not more than actual wrestling these days. Oh how I miss the old days of the WWE/WWF and especially ECW, those were the glory years of true wrestling.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Professional Wrestling Blog

I’ve always wanted to start a blog about professional wrestling. Professional wrestling has a very strong passionate fan base and most people either like it or they don’t. Hence, sometimes it’s hard to find people to talk about the inane things that occur in the wrestling world. Since I like blogging on all different types of topics I finally decided it was time to start a wrestling blog. Since I have some spare time now I thought it would be fun to have some smart conversations about wrestling and the business side of it as well.

Just to give you little background of myself I go back to the days of WWF where you clearly had good wrestlers/faces and the bad wrestlers/heels. Where in my opinion wrestling really mattered, matches really mattered and where the world championship belt actually meant something to the wrestling fans. And contrary to today you did not see the world champion on a regular basis hence it was always a special match/special event when the champion laced his boots to wrestle.

Also unlike today wrestlers stayed in character, it was encouraged and enforced. This helped create an atmosphere of realness tremendously with the wrestlers themselves and wrestling fans alike. There are still federations which follow the principle today however the biggest company in the wrestling business the WWE has become completely corporate. The business is always been about money but more so today, the realness and allure has been replaced with people wrestling in bunny rabbit costumes. True wrestling writers have been replaced with Hollywood/soap opera people.

Thankfully though the true spirit of professional wrestling can be found and seen through various channels such as online video, the Indies, international wrestling and various different wrestling federations out there. The one good thing about today’s market is there is pretty much a wrestling show for every kind of wrestling style available just need to know how to find it.

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