Ever since I was a very young kid I’ve been watching professional wrestling. As a kid it was a form of escapism for me and then I started watching it with my dear grandmother until she passed away. I’ve considered wrestling as a special bond between me and my grandmother so I have always continued watching professional wrestling throughout the years into adulthood. However these days it’s not so much the wrestling but the business side of things that keep me entertained these days. The business side of wrestling is pretty cutthroat and can be just as entertaining if not more than actual wrestling these days. Oh how I miss the old days of the WWE/WWF and especially ECW, those were the glory years of true wrestling.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Review WWE Pay-Per-View Fast Lane

Well this is my quick review of the WWE pay-per-view fast Lane which I saw yesterday. I didn’t find the pay-per-view to be all that entertaining at all. It was a mix of really boring matches and a couple of really good ones but nothing spectacular. However I think it makes sense because the WWE’s probably saving up the best matches for WrestleMania coming up in a few weeks. I found the Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan & Ryback VS Big Show, Kane & Seth Rollins match to be quite boring. I found the Stardust VS Goldust match to be just a repeat of the storyline that they done multiple times.

The Usos VS Tyson Kidd & Cesaro was a good match and glad to see the WWE E give Tyson Kidd a chance to run with it. Tyson Kidd can wrestle he just needs to find his niche same with Cesaro. But honestly Cesaro never really got me interested in him at all so far. Yes he’s a good wrestler and he’s strong but absolutely boring in personality. Paige VS Nikki Bella was fun to look at, end of story. Dean Ambrose VS Wade Barrett stupid match and I don’t know what the hell WWE is doing with Wade Barrett, such a waste of great talent.

Rusev VS John Cena okay match, just happy to see Cena lose for once even if it wasn’t cleanly. It’s always fun to look at Lana. Roman Reigns VS Daniel Bryan was a really good match; you can tell both of them were really going at it. It really did seem like each one was fighting for the chance to go to WrestleMania even though everybody knew that Roman Reigns was going to win regardless. Is Roman ready to be the WWE champion, well in my opinion not even close. However my opinion doesn’t matter it’s what Vince wants and Roman fits his mold.

As a side note one side of me really loved that Sting segment with Triple H however the over acting of Triple H with the bat just killed it for me. Triple H acted as if the bat was a machine gun and that kind of bad acting really ruins it for me. But regardless really cool see the Sting in action!

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